............. She played the role of listening to the girl child who said that she had “met God as a Little Girl in the apple orchard”.  In the story, the child says she cannot tell this to “The Man”.  Then this image appeared that she called “Holy Mother Wisdom”.  She climbs onto her lap and tells her vision.  Holy Mother Wisdom affirms her experience.

After making a smaller version in Scottish grit stone, I made this one when I was artist in residence at Fireflies Ashram, Bengaluru, South India.  This more assured, archetypal version was created in a culture that accepts images of the Divine in both masculine and feminine forms.  The image is present in my unconscious, however the process of becoming aware and beginning to trust its validity, required me to travel outside of western culture.  All god images are provisional – yet their psychological power is vast.  The almost exclusive use of masculine imagery in western culture, makes the process of self-knowledge and integration difficult for women.  It also deprives men of access to their own inner feminine qualities.

I find this a healing image.  The figures inside the arms are – The Lovers, The Young Woman with a Lion and a Girl dancing on the Lion’s tail.  To the right is the prophetic or Angry Woman.  These are all aspects of my Self that in western culture – whether religious or secular, do not have a place in our collective culture.  This makes it difficult for a woman to function in public from her True Self.  If she wants to succeed, she must often act as though she were an honorary man.  It also means that when women speak from their own experiences, they are ignored or shouted down – simply because of the lack of a shared culture.  Therefore, when we undertake the task of re-imaging the sacred, images such as this one, need to have a place. (go back)