............. The “Good News” that Jesus came to share was that the divine is shockingly close to the humans.  In order to convey this, he imaged it through his own masculine being.  He lived in a patriarchal world.  How could his inspirational vision be applied today?

This sculpture of a Divine Woman has a significant place in my individuation process.  Holy Mother Wisdom has an interest in my real female humanity.  She holds in her arms - the Lovers, the Young Woman with the Lion and Girl Dancing on the Lion’s Tail and the Angry or Prophetic Woman. She affirms my subjectivity in a way that God the Father images fail to.  I aspire to self-knowledge and wholeness.  The accepted Christian images reduce women to motherhood – that too of an exclusively male child. There are no Divine Daughters.  How might our culture be enriched by developing our God images beyond the idolisation of the male? (go back)