.....It is this new paradigm that I celebrate in how I have interpreted the Nativity. In the Gospel account, no age is assigned to Joseph and no animals are mentioned.  Never the less, I have built on the imaginative tradition that animals were present.  However, instead of the ox and the ass, I have depicted a bull.  This virile and potentially savage animal, has been transformed by his encounter with the miracle of birth.  In a similar way, the young Joseph symbolises the transformation of the masculine instincts.  He is enchanted by the new born baby whom he understands to be divine.  He participates in creation rather than wanting to dominate it.

Mary is shown resting after giving birth.  As with Joseph and the bull, she embodies a new consciousness.  She has given up her exclusive maternal power, as she allows Joseph to take on a nurturing role as well.  She is awestruck by the transformation that this brings about both in the bull and the man. (go back)