My art is a means to become aware of, and to engage with, images and symbols arising from my unconscious.  This is both a personal task, as well as a collective project to bring the feminine into the public realm.  I position myself between secularism on the one hand and the institutional religions on the other – even as I am formed by both.  I join in a space between these two extremes, where many philosophers, theologians and artists are re-discovering the sacred and the need for an outlet for the religious instinct. Some examples are David Tacey The Postsecular Sacred, Luce Irigaray Divine Women, Richard Kearney Re-imagining the Sacred, Julia Kristeva This Incredible Need to Believe.  My own contribution circles around how I as a woman can develop as a whole integrated creative person, within a Christian framework.


Clarity in the Mind, Cowardice in the Heart No 21 in Divine and Human Woman
Holy Mother Wisdom, granite, Fireflies Ashram, India