..... I am both ultra conservative and a spontaneous boundary breaker. Left to my own devices, I stick to the psychological patterns that I have inherited and feel comfortable with. Yet there is also this original and creative side to my instinctive life. I have symbolised this part of me as “The Lion Lady”. The more refined and spiritual part is represented by the upper figure, whom I have called Christa. The archetype of Christ makes it possible for human beings to access a process of deep cultural change. The human Jesus is crucified because he has a new way of experiencing the Divine and his co-religionists, depicted as the Pharisees, find this unbearable and blasphemous.

My symbolic image suggests a form of holiness that includes the wild side in a relationship of trust with the human.  The Lion Lady is not repressed because on occasion she acts thoughtlessly, ruthlessly or seductively. The Christa needs her animal side, just as the animal needs the human side. Yet Christa is more than just human. She is mysteriously connected to the Divine which implies greater awareness. This image challenges inherited ideas about women. Historically, a lynch pin of patriarchal culture was the idea that women could not control their instincts. This was the reason that they should be controlled or even “owned” by a man. This sculpture shows that women are aware of, and responsible for, their own instinctive lives. It thus opens up new ways for men and women to relate to one another, as two whole but different human beings. (go back)